Windows server version 57 and latest Interface 2037/2062 - says its incompatible


I am getting a message in Interface 2037 that the area I am on (hifi://Openvue) is running a server version that is incompatible with the interface. The server is the latest Win build 57 and was restarted and updated its resources this morning.

Previous version I had (Win 2023) works fine with Win server 57.


same with me

and enough extra letters to agree


Same here as well and has been so since yesterday. Stack on Mac has updated AC/DS several times, pulling from GIT to build for Linux same. Windows seems to see no new AC or DS to download, but, as always - downloads Fail.


This has been fixed. If you restart your Stack Manager it will pickup the update


Back in business thanks tho i’m still getting the c++ at the house with the animated people in it


Thanks @Chris, I can confirm that Win stack manager 57 and Interface win 2037 are working together again. hifi://Openvue is working fine again via the Interface


This has returned… with Interface win 2062 which again now its incompatible with the (just this morning) up to date Stack Manager win 57 with latest resources, etc.


same with me

and enough extra letters to agree yes again lol


Please update your stack managers again, we’re changing our primary domain from .io to .com across the board and that affects a lot of moving pieces, some of which have not been happy with the hostname redirect.



and its back thanks @leo


Looks like the stack manager update and Interface win 2063 is working again. Thanks