Windows Stack manager auto update question


Would I regret asking for an auto update for the Windows stack manager?
I’m forever logging in finding its needs one.

Pros I could be lazy
Cons it could update some weird delete everything bug
But I would probably install that manually anyways.

@LoveAndroo gave up with his cloud based domain cos he couldn’t update it un assisted .I know alotta the nerds like to recompile and the like, but us idiots would like to avoid all that stuff I’m sure

Also on the subject there is a $5 raspberry pie out now if someone could get the stack manager working on that and auto updating you could sell it to us idiots pre installed and u may call it HIFIpi


Throwback image… :smile:

Ok, and now my two cents:
I think we’ll run into a programming sys_admin conundrum. Follow me here…
Let’s pretend you have 3 versions of Stack Manager on the horizon.

Version 1 is the version that exists today, it runs on your computer (any computer for the sake of this example) and does not auto restart to grab updates.

Version 2 is due to launch tomorrow, it will include a new auto-updater built into the code. Meaning, when it detects an update it shuts itself down, grabs it, and installs automagically. (not unlike some Operating Systems)

Version 3 is the new version that Version 2 is about to auto-install. The problem is, Version 3 has an issue (bug) not known at the time…

You try frantically, but can’t roll back to Version 1… what do you do?


@Judas - Here is what I do not understand, on the setup I walked @LoveAndroo through, I taught them how to run the three commands that need to be run to manage your hifi server. To update the whole thing its one command “compilehifi” and you just let it do its thing. For some reason you want to stop the servers “killhifi” and to run it again “runhifi”.

I admit not everyone wants to do the self compile but my script makes it where you just type some commands and wait.

I actually walked @LoveAndroo through how to setup a script to automatically update every night at midnight.

I just wanted to clarify on the subject that they could not update it unassisted as I helped them many times with instructions on how to do it and even automate it.


I just think if i go away for a week my domain wont be up when I get back so I’m as well to turn it off.Much like my cat


I feel the same way but I am holding out for when they finally decide to split stable versions from dev versions.


LoveAndroo gave up because he was so far out of his depth he could not see his feet.

He was having constant trouble with a windows interface before this, he is not a developer or even close.

Expecting him to be comfortable with compiling and maintaining stack on linux is just not realistic.

He should have been advised to stick with what he can handle like windows, (click a button and it updates itself) Thats pretty smooth, maybe not fully automatic but still pretty smooth.

I understand someone probably suggested he spin up a cloud droplet on ubuntu and simply compile his own stack, probably because its the cheapest option, but its not for everyone.
I know everybody means well and everybody wants to help Androo because he is not afraid to put himself out there and ask for help, but I think there should have been an element of “Can this person feel comfortable doing this stuff?” and perhaps advised him to stay in the shallows for a while.

I saw two post from him, one saying something like "can someone help me make a domain"
next minute, he posts "I am running ubuntu (which I know absolutely nothing about) on a digital ocean droplet (which I know nothing about) and I have no idea what I am doing.

I kinda feel like he was thrown to the wolves.

To say “Linux is not for everyone” means just that, I have been using Coals auto compile script too which works very well, I know very little about Linux and I have to regularly ask Coal for advice about my cloud setup because the 3 commands simply arent enough, the domain stops for no reason and I cant get it restarted sometimes, lately the nameserver has been playing up. sometimes content goes missing. When anything goes wrong on any of my windows stacks I have a hope of tracing and fixing the problem, but if anything goes wrong with any of my linux setups I am screwed and have no idea how to trace and fix, I have to call Coal each time.

I suggest we dont offer a linux solution to non Linux people, its a recipe for disaster and the net result will be total abandonment.


And too, he should have been advised to have spun up a Windows server or WIndows nanoserver. This Linux-centrism has been getting rather extreme.

Adding: I like Linux for its low resource overhead, but for many the setup costs can be daunting. So, along with setting up Linux deployment flows, perhaps this is a good time to set up some Win server deployment flows. Unfortunately all these cheap hosting places like Digital Ocean support only Linux variants.


Kinda agrees, I don’t get why people are given the complex option. In secondlife I was always watching people arrive in sl and being told they should have this viewer or that viewer like it actually mattered in your first day.

Something nice about hifi is you can install the stack manager and load in any models you want what ever u want to and only run it when you need it. It wont cost you a thing, quick easy
I’m still surprised there isn’t more collaboration , I think that will catch on more when there’s a benefit to be gained from it ie being able to benefit from the shared approach.


<–badly needs a way to turn off the cat for 8 days.


Just about anybody can make a website these days, but it’s not because browsers were made easier to use… it’s because enterprising people came along and made apps to make it easier to make websites. In the early days it wasn’t that easy to make a website. This is VR web in its early days.

I don’t think HiFi should be responsible for making it easy, I think they should just make it functional and clean. Leave the rest to enterprising developers.


That’s how companies die.


Mozilla didn’t die. Google didn’t die. Microsoft didn’t die. Opera is still there too.

Interface.exe is just a browser. I think if more people saw it for what it is there would be less confusion. Maybe they should call it a browser instead of an interface.


:slight_smile: Microsoft didn’t die because it sits on billions of dollars of cash. As a retired partner architect of that company I can say with authority that some very expensive bad decisions and DOA large scale projects happened there. Without the massive cash reserves, lesser companies would have died having made those mistakes.

Remember Google Lively, that cute virtual world project with the most horrid interface in the known universe? That cost Google a huge bundle. Had Google not been a huge company to absorb those losses it too would have died.

Lesson #1, do not outsource your interface/design problems to enterprising developers. They want to profit by innovating products using those interfaces and not cleaning up your mess (‘your’ being the platform providing company).

So, getting back to the OP and follow-on comments about the stack manager, all the OS versions need a clean auto-updater. This is especially so for the Linux variants because, indeed, being able to pour those bits into IOT nano-servers is not only cool but it could be a massive rapid deployment phenomena. Lots of little PI-Zero + SSD domains.


Sort of off topic but Balpien’s comment reminded me of Galileo and the new Intel “stick” thing. Both supposedly can run partial win 10. I wanted to try one as domain host but no time yet.


Back on topic the sandbox auto updates.
Hifi isn’t a browser its a company.What the viewer does is allow us to interface with the metaverse. maybe we need a name for it to reflect that like oh i don’t know
"with the metaverse"


I don’t think anybody said it was?


U said it should be.I think its more a interface than a browser


I said interface should be considered a browser, not HiFi. :smiley:


Miriam Webster defines these words as:

Interface - a system that is used for operating a computer : a system that controls the way information is shown to a computer user and the way the user is able to work with the computer

browser - a computer program that is used to find and look at information on the Internet

Interface.exe is more of a browser than an interface. For the average user it will just be a thing that downloads assets and presents them in a 3D/2D view. You can add an interface within interface.exe, but interface.exe is not an interface in and of itself. I am wondering why they decided not to call it a viewer (I guess they are trying to separate themselves from SL, which is understandable).

Apologies for derailing the thread.


Interface isn’t a browser tho.It has that capability web entities are a browser but to call it a browser rather than interface would be misleading . I can browse the internet on my TV , I wouldn’t call that a browser I would call that a TV I feel were about to fall into a pit of semantics.