Windows Stack Manager's Servers Crashing


My Domain Free and Ride crash within seconds of arriving.

Is anyone successfully running the stack manager on windows? (Not a dedicated server or in the cloud or a mac)


Been running just fine my Centre / Center / Laboratory Domains on my Windows 7.

But I havent tested Windows 10.


In which case I need to move it to a different pc and see if that makes a difference.

thanks @Menithal

Well putting the stack back onto my main pc hasn’t cured it

and well its done it again
[WARNING] [09/23 11:29:53] [2676] [assignment-client] Could not attach to shared memory at key “domain-server.local-port”
[DEBUG] [09/23 11:29:53] [2676] [assignment-client] Failed to read local assignment server port from shared memory - will send assignment request to previous assignment server


Stackmanager at Mac lets me crash today before I come to my localhost.

I can’t open the settings page.


ooh look same message on pc and mac


I am running 2 domains on 2 separate windows devices, one is a solid as a rock and never (hardly) crashes, the other is sketchy as, crashes within seconds of the avatar arriving, I have no idea why, I posted it under VMWare need help.


Wonders it its content related my domains got alotta things in it maybe i should clear it out and see if the crashing still happens


I have mine running on Windows 10.


ok i have been failing to fix this and so looking at the logs and the general splurge that comes out of the stack manager

what i’m seeing in the assignment client log is what to the untrained eye is it it shutting down the assignment clients itself

DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [57088] [assignment-client] Clearing all remaining connections in Socket.
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] ThreadedAssignment::setFinished(true) called - finishing up.
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Entity server STARTING about to finish…
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Entity inform Octree Inbound Packet Processor that we are shutting down…
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Entity server about to finish while node still connected node: “Agent” (I) {0a52ec93-8b67-4e90-99cc-fd57f8e16d4f} (judasipherelol) /
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Entity server killed node: “Agent” (I) {0a52ec93-8b67-4e90-99cc-fd57f8e16d4f} x(judasipherelol)0 /
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Entity server [ EntityServer(0x5325e0) ]: client disconnected - ending sending thread [ OctreeSendThread(0x45ed980, name = “Octree Send Thread (0a52ec93-8b67-4e90-99cc-fd57f8e16d4f)”) ]
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Entity server forceNodeShutdown() took:  5658  usecs for node: “Agent” (I) {0a52ec93-8b67-4e90-99cc-fd57f8e16d4f} (judasipherelol) /
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Persist thread about to finish…
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Persist thread done with about to finish…
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Entity server ENDING about to finish
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Entity server shutting down.… [ OctreeServer(0x5325e0) ]
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Entity server START cleaning up octree… [ OctreeServer(0x5325e0) ]
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Entity server DONE cleaning up octree… [ OctreeServer(0x5325e0) ]
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [entity-server] Entity server DONE shutting down… [ OctreeServer(0x5325e0) ]
[DEBUG] [09/25 10:48:07] [42800] [assignment-client] Assignment finished or never started - waiting for new assignment.

is that relevant?

next thing i tried is running it as admin normally windows progs go boing this prog is asking to be run as admin, the stack doesn’t.
so I’m trying running it with admin privileges and well its been stable for 10 mins


haha lucky you , at least you have a log for comfort , a new 3226 just fails for me
nada - crashes as soon as i launch the .exe

This is after ‘Remove’ .ini in
C:\Users\ritzo\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity
and then ‘Remove’ Interface via Control Panel
new Reinstall 3226
No desktop icon after new reinstallaltion (I had earlier deleted the shortcut as well, hmm is that fail new?)
nada - crashes as soon as i launch the .exe

I’m so glad that i’m only suffering in the kitchen and not in space while attempting an earth atmosphere re-entry


Not sure how I can help, I’m not sure by your logs alone. I do have a stack running on Windows 10 and am willing to assist where I can.


This is still an issue after the latest update. Domain server crashes almost immediately, sometimes it will last for some time then crashes.
Windows 7


My StackManager crashed too immediately at Mac.


yup still doing it i hear it going ding dong a few times then crashing
reluctantly shuts down my domain, if its not going to stay up ill save the electric bill a bit lol.

Someone give me a nudge when its fixed…


My StackManager seems to be up and I can access my domain, however nothing spawns, arena of darkness.


Well I crash until now immediately, if I start the interface from the stackmanager. But if I click at restart in the Mac crashlog Window, then the interface starts and I can login. I also haven’t had some content. Now I have copied the resource folder of MagicGame to my localhost. And see, all the content of MagicGame is now also at my localhost and the scripts are running. This is funny. So it seems to be easy, to bring the content of one place to a other place.


At least we found out from you that migration should be easy :smile:


And I also have seen - before all this crashing there were a models.svo in the resource folder. Now we have models.json.gz


bumps this back up, still happening

hoped this might fix it


Start interface Mac -3125 from stackmanager also crashes until now immediately.