Windows Stack Manager's Servers Crashing


same here win 8.1, so think i shall save myself frustration and sit out the 3260 update and wait for Ca. to wake up

[DEBUG] [10/01 12:52:05] [9032] [assignment-client] Failed to lookup public address via STUN server at
[DEBUG] [10/01 12:52:05] [9032] [assignment-client] LimitedNodeList public socket will be set with local port and null QHostAddress.


Bump another day another crash on my windows domain.


Bump i thought id be clever today and turn off the rig animations, noop servers all still crashed


The same with Mac 3144 and also I get a Debug message:
DEBUG] [10/03 11:39:13] Requesting public key for user “summer4me…”
[DEBUG] [10/03 11:39:13] Could not verify user “summer4me…” as allowed editor. In the interim this user will be given edit rights to avoid a thrasing of public key requests and connect requests.

What dos this mean, will now everybody get edit rights? And why I haven’t? On the settings page I’m set as editor.


New Windows stack version 93, servers still crash , so bumpety bump bump


So here’s that topic i could not find. I got a assignment duplication on windows.


Is there possibly something I can do regarding configs or anything that you can duplicate to possibly help? I am not sure if there is anything but I know my WSM has been up and running.


We are looking into these - hope to have this solved in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!


Wanting to tempt fate, my domains not crashed today o.o waits nervously on no there it goes lol


waaa spoke to soon bam down it goes