Worklist: "Cannot view this job" errors


I get since today “You don’t have permissions to view this job.” errors when i click on worklist links in my e-mail. Cannot find the worklist on the webpage anymore to, the last status for one where “code review”

Maintance ?


Are you still experiencing this issue? I can see Worklist fine.

I have seen that error on a job before but it was on one that was rectified so I don’t know if there’s a special drawer for some completed jobs.


The worklists show fine on the webpage. but from a job i got e-mail send , and i click the link “You can view the job here.” gives me soemtimes “You don’t have permissions to view this job.” in this case we talk about 20056, it dissapeared complete from the site to. and the last e-mails are not more then 24h old.


Yes I get that for 20056 too. Were there any security related issues surrounding that job? Is the job resolved?

That’s the same issue I saw with a job I reported that was resolved. I could no longer view it.


No, not a security risk sofar i know . Latest status is Code Review no messages recieved anymore.Need to ask @chris otherwise.


Hi @Richardus the reason that is happening with job 20056, is it was switched to internal so Atlante45 could work on it. That means you can not access it (you should of no longer of got the email about it, we will sort that out.)


@chris, aha, its a bit confusinge error if you see it the first time and never seen before. ok. Its good to know, not the last time it will happen.