Worklist projects over the next 6 months


We do a lot of paid work with the community through our worklist and we wanted to list out a bunch of projects that we are potentially looking to work with you on over the next 6 months. We would love to get your thoughts on this list as we look to decide on which ones we commit to and put together individuals or teams that could work on them. These jobs are not yet up on Worklist and we will be start putting them up, as we approve them, over the next couple of months.

We would love to get your thoughts on this list and if you think there are other projects we could work on with the community

General QA work.

Many people already know about our use of the community for QA work. This is a great program that allows us to work closely with you to test our code before we merge it. If you would like to be included as a QA tester DM me on the forums and I can add you to the list of testers. Your computer must have a supported graphics card and having a HMD is a plus!

Oculus and Vive Keyboard

A moveable keyboard with letters than can be clicked with the hand lasers and that works with either Vive or Oculus or mouse (allowing a person in the CV-1 and without touch controllers, for example, to enter text with the mouse)

Content Switcher

Provide a mechanism where you can build out different rooms and switch between them.

  • Build the content and export as a .json file and store them in a separate system. e.g. Google Spreadsheet
  • Create a script to attach to a hand controller “on-click” that will cycle through the different rooms (importing the .json file).
  • The item will be able to be added to the marketplace and users will get the updated content that is added to the spreadsheet.

We currently have Polyvox implemented into the system as an Entity that allows for live editing, digging and terrains. Having Polyvox as an entity has limitations to the size that it can be and the edit complexity. This job will be to take the currently implemented Polyvox and allow it to be more extensible.

Domain Crawler

Build a script in JS that works by teleporting to a named list of domains, moving around, and looking at the objects nearby. Such a script could be thought of a a ‘surveyor’ of public places, that we could run every so often, gathering data like:

  • How many entities are out there, spread over how large an area?
  • How many are physical/grabbable?
  • How many entity scripts are out there, on how many different object?
  • How many lights are out there?

Tile-based graphic GPU strategy (for Android)

For an android implementation we have a Tile-based graphics GPU capability. The project will need the engineer to have a deep understanding of the GPU, OpenGL, Qt and Android.

Additional audio import formats
Multi part project:

  • Play .wav files with different sample rates
  • Play audio from additional sources. Soundcloud, Shoutcast

Snapping Block Construction Kit

An intuitive & flexible block-based In-world collaborative construction kit for hand controllers with existing creative-commons Exin block components and basic snapping controls.

Basic entity script starter kits

Create a set of starter scripts that are used by builders for various basic building components e.g. doors, lights, follow etc…

Pet template

Build out a template that would allow the creation of a pet with some basic functionality: follow me, fetch, basic behavioral states

Extensible multipurpose gaming table (EDIT - Underway)

Record and Playback

Within High Fidelity there is the ability to record avatar movement and audio and play the recording back. The project will involve taking the current set of available scripts, audit what is working and combine them into a single producer.js script. The record thing would benefit from the ability to save to the desktop

Postal system - Send an avatar a spoken message by owl

A user can record a message to send to another avatar. An ‘owl’ (or some other model) will find the user when they are online, on a participating domain and deliver the message. There are several technical challenges involved with this project:

  • Using an Assignment client for communication of new messages and finding a user
  • Friends API
  • Recording and playback of the message (maybe a service like Soundcloud)
  • Polling a service for new messages

Guided Tour System

Create a tool that allows a user to setup a guided tour of their domain.

Door which requires a pass to open

Create a door script that will open a door based on a password that the door owner can specify.

Slideshow presentation system for powerpoint, PDF reader

A script that will show a moveable slide show presenter tool.

Entity position recorder & cleanup

Create a general tool that will record the position of a set of entities and clean them up via an action. As an example, go to ‘Forum’ and look at the Tidybot

Change avatar when entering a zone.

Create a script that will change the avatar the person is wearing when they enter a area.

Entity rezzing brush - place multiple entities at once

Create a tool that will create multiple entity cubes on click. The user will have the ability to specify the size of the entities that will be created.

Particle starter kit

Have a look at Particleexplorer.js. Expand the particle explorer to allow you to create a number of default particle effects that the user could then modify. e.g. lightning, fire, snow, cyclone.


Create a Bingo game. The user will be able to pick numbers and a master user can spin the wheel.

Group Teleporter

Create a tool that allows an individual to guide a group of people. First phase of the script will allow someone to guide people in a single domain. Second phase will allow someone to take people to multiple domains.

Message board with post-its

Create a cork board that people can leave messages on.

Basic Paintball game (2 teams, 10 minutes)

Create a game of paintball that has scoring. There are a couple assets that you could have a look at for pointers:
Ping Pong Gun: This script show how you get a ping pong that you can fire.
Look at the example game “Winter Smashup”. This game contains a lot of the details that you could reuse for scoring and collision detection.

Polling system. Create a in-world poll and have users vote (1 vote per username)

Create a simple mechanism that allow a poll to be taken. The system will allow users to vote with results displaying on a live 3D graph.

Animated Dance Floor

The users that enter the floor will then trigger a dance. Make sure that the HMD users don’t get dizzy, by either fixing their camera, or making sure that their head stays in the same position.



We don’t have a text chat can you explain the purpose of this ?


We DO have a text-chat, it’s just not one that comes pre-installed with the Interface or the Sandbox. :smiley:


The record thing would benefit from the ability to save to the desktop.i found that it creates quite large files that would get lost in the upload to the atp. The record could be HIFIs killer app


Yes I forgot everyone uses Skype. As you know in world chat users are completely ignored at meetings


Nope. Both of you are wrong. This is to solve the “in world data entry” problem.

Personally, I think it would be easier to just make the physical buttons on the edit panels larger, or provide ((…wait for it…)) plus and minus buttons just like Wii controlers it just seems there could be quite a bit of context-sensitive data input if they would just learn from past developers just once. I understand VR is this bold new frontier; but even astronauts take previous knowledge and experiences with them to boldly go where no one has gone before…

I digress…

I already built the keyboard but it was using wands like the Xylophone James just finished so I don’t know if it would work with the Touch and Vive triggers. I’m hoping to team up with one or more people on one or more of these assignments. So private message me or send an email to

Later gators.


No u

I think if you want to type use a keyboard if you want to write use a pen. If u want to dig a hole use a manually operated earth inverting implement
If ur using vr gimmicks think of something new because re inventing the wheel always fails


We agree. See above.


@Judas For access to a keyboard in the Oculus, it is used for typing into text boxes (Vive already has a keyboard you can bring up) . Some example areas

  • The suggestions dialog
  • Edit dialog options
  • Any additional scritps that need text (eg. Chat systems)


I also like the record and playback capability. I will update the above with your comment.


This domain crawler could make photo sphere images of each place name automatically and add the place name to it . Then we wouldn’t need to type in vr. Avatars could all have display pictures which automatically add the Ava display name . I just think these vr keyboards are lazy patch to something that good design can solve. The analogy would be when did you last type in a url. We just dont anymore


Anything to do with recording the environment sign me up I still think we need a fully working camera system that is easy-to-use All of this is good stuff


Bingo doesn’t use a wheel. Each time a number is called it becomes unavailable. I don’t think a wheel is the way to go.


Hi All,

I want to start fleshing out some of these projects. The fist one is:

Additional audio import formats
Multi part project:

  • Play .wav files with different sample rates
  • Play audio from additional sources. Soundcloud, Shoutcast

Can you give me some more information about what you would like to do with this functionality?


  • play .wav files with different sample rates - Make an additive synthesizer. The sound files would be half or third octave apart and varying the sample rate takes care of playing the notes in between. Pitch bend requires time period varying of the samples.

  • Play audio from additional sources like soundcloud, shoutcast, Magnatune - many of these services offer licenses to stream their music library legally. They do NOT allow you to wholesale copy their music This provides the ability to add non-recurring ambient music to domains or zones within and be honest and pay the music service providers.


I don’t want to shout cast I’m running a hi-fi server allready I want to play anything from. iTunes into my domain .in glorious hi-fi sound.i think discussion of the legality mentioned above is allready covered in hi-fi,s terms and conditions.

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