Worklist workflow


I was wondering what the correct worklist workflow is.

Until now the worklist jobs do not seem to advance from the in progress status.
Not sure if I am forgetting something here, it does not go to code review or QA ready when pulling the changes.

And to make things worse, merge conflict seem to happen. (development of hifi goes fast…) How to resolve these ?
When I update the branch to resolver, it also pulls all those changes in in the commits of the worklist job,(it does not do this when I do this as the first commit) what is not what is wanted. So what I do then is creating a new branch, what effectively resolves the merge conflicts, but there probably is a better way of doing this.


Well meantime I have learned, that the staff of hf works with a own bug tracking tool. So my question is, for what this worklist is needed in connection with hf. Should there the alpha testers put there suggestions or ?


Worklist is generally for payment rewards for hunting / completing approved tasks. Think of it like a bounty board. You can also haggle for your reward with HiFiInc while others do the same, that do it that is…


Also @MarcelEdward Git can handle merge conflicts quite fast. and usually such conflicts appear and should be resolved before a PR is submitted.

How one usually works with this is, using githubs lexicon.

  1. Always sync your fork before starting work.
  2. Then merge changes from origin master to your origin development branch,
  3. Resolve any conflicts there, Test after completion
  4. If there were conflicts, start from step 1, else Run tests.
  5. Merge development to your own origin master (via PR, or manual, Suggest PR since you can revert these via github web ui.)
  6. Run tests on origin master
  7. Create Pull Request to upstream master.

Also a rule of thumb,
#NEVER ever

Otherwise heads will roll.


Per the workflow that Menithal linked to, once you have pushed your completed changes you need to set the job to QA by clicking on the “QA Ready” button at the top of the Worklist job.