Worklist: Wow, I don't even know what to say about this


Well, at least some things have passed the cutting room floor…

Does this mean we are getting a bug tracker or does it mean nobody is going to fix bugs?


Big new year’s cleanup :smile:


Ouch. That hurts our feelings.


Yes, blinked 3 times to when i looked in my mailbox.


We should keep score who got the most passes.


Hey at least we will get a piano. It’s good to see there are priorities.


It was me! I did it. There was so much stuff in there that has not been touched in a very long time. I wanted it cleaned up. Let me know if you have one in there and want it back.


I want all mine back. You just deleted 2 years worth of bugs people posted that need to be fixed.


Swept under the carpet more like it.


Can’t have investors seeing all that, probably.

I don’t know, if I were an investor I am pretty sure I would want proof things were actually moving here.


Haha chris. #20749. Funny.


Just wanting it clean so I can get better visibility into things and get work to people I know can do it, most/al these jobs generally are for external people. There was an “Auto pass” ability that seems to be off.

@Cracker_Hax if you have jobs in there that you want to “pass” you should have the ability to click it.


You know… I would put bounties on some of these if I could. You guys should really consider open bounties, maybe bitcoin or something.


It used to be that jobs older than a month were auto-passed, to keep things reasonably current. This seemed to work quite well as things had a habit of being superseded and becoming out of date, and better reflecting what might currently be worked on to tie in with current development.

Note that you can click on the “Pass jobs” and “Done jobs” links at the bottom of the current list to see these jobs.


Here is a good place to get some visibility


Haha I know right, but lacking a bugtracker that’s what we have been using it for.

I guess somebody could make some money opening a third party bounty site.


I think the Auto-pass where turned off because the lack of a good bug tracking system and that worklist job get expired to quick.

Als the change that Old problem on the worklist dissapears and later get readd by soemone else where big too. And people did give that a weird feeling if the latest worklist get in bidding and the previous same one not.