World don't load


Hello out there,
two days ago I installed HigFid the first time and spent some time to get it running - but sadly no luck so far. At the beginning I appeared in the Sandbox and saw some blurry avatars around me.
By hitting ESC I found the Lobby with the panels to click on. It worked only one time, I got sent to a castle and was able to see it.
Well, this was the only time a teleport worked - since then all i see are stars and sometimes blurry avatars around me. The window “Bandwith Details” shows me a “Domain Bandwith In/Out” of 0/0 always (i suppose this should show me some values if a scene around would happen to load). I cleared cache, but it didn’t fixed the problem.

Is it correct, that objects are phantom, so my avatar don’t collide with the ground or objects?

Sometimes the viewer causes a very scratchy sound, like a square wave signal, it could cause a damage. So far I’ve not used a headset or anything.

One other point I want to mention: After entering HiFi, the first I heard from voice, were some avatars swearing by using a dirty language - shame on those! Its pretty much like in SL. I know, such foul expressions are common in some countries, but its a shame.
Generally, it might be cool to use voice chat with facial expressions mapped onto an avatar, but frankly, in 99.9% of my virtual life time i will not need it, since it is “fleeting” information. Only usage might be for talks and debates.

Btw, is it allowed to make screen-casts of HiFi and share them on Youtube?

Looking forward to see improvements coming to HiFi one bye one!
For your answers, many thanks in advance,


p.s.: Updated to Build 2188. The problems remain.
Directly after launching this version, i was able to see a scene around me for some seconds, but then the draw distance got reduces to 0 because “due to complexity of the content”.
I cleared cache. With an empty cache the Interface.exe crashes. And I got very bad audio signal again, which could cause a damage to my devices.


This is now much later and I’m experiencing similar problems on my Mac build 3140.
There are Domains I’ve heard are really good like “porto” but the Bandwidth shows 0/0 on all despite a robust internet connection.
I’ve tried to explore various domains on the Marketplace over the last few weeks and many seem to suffer the same problem for me.
I know all the sites are hosted by various entities around the world. Does this mean there’s just an intermittent nature to the up-time as a result?
Trying to understand. Thanks.


Usually if a domain is offline, it is not shown in the marketplace. What can currently happen however is that there is a version mismatch between the domain and client.

During the alpha its a good idea to look at the logs / debug statistics if problems persist. If servers are shown as 0, then the domain is offline, if 3+ then its online.