WOW - FACTOR: A little inspiration


Check this out guys…isn’t it triumphant? Imagine achieving some of these elements in High Fidelity, a little down the track. Its beauty blew my mind! Enjoy <3


Inspiring! That would indeed be an ultimate sort of High Fidelity world. Maybe when we all have fiber to the box and a box full of memory and multicore processors, or fiber to an insanely powerful Hololens.


Thats nothin
Behold Bolton


Exactly… exotic, inspiring, you got it with bells on - hell you even have elephants! Not to mention BetFred and the fact that the sun never shines ;p


It’;s indeed WOW, if you have a big pocket. because normal mesh is already hard to create things with. for most people that;s out of range.

But, yes WOW.


One of these days we’ll all wake up in a gigantic building full of pods where people have been interacting in a virtual world all this time.

Incredible visuals on the video


o m g - h i l a r i o u s - l o v e i t

In saying so, I’d probably be on suicide-watch if I lived there! LOL


If the POD have antisound functionality so no noise from outside comes in. i can use it for more things :smile:


I have always wanted, (and may finally manage to pull it off in the next year or two), to spend about six months in Japan. I would certainly travel in the north, but also would like to learn everything possible about the robots, holograms and other sorts of “futuristic” technologies that are already well-rooted in that country. Japanese society is much ahead of the West in adoption of this tech, I think.

Particularly in regard to social-level robots, which I have heard are nearly ubiquitous in the country, I have a theory:
I think on account of the Shinto culture–which ascribes consciousness to everything–it is easier for the Japanese mind-set to ascribe awareness to a robot and to AIs. Whereas, in the West, our cultural orientation vis a vis robots is The Terminator, SkyNet and other fear-based associations, largely because we think only humans have consciousness, and that it was given to us by a god.


There’s a nice doco on the subject, but focusses on an old mate of mine, Dr. Rodney Brooks; an Australian roboticist based in Boston.

They do however cover robotics, globally, with particular reference to social robots, being developed in Japan; the part on robots for an ageing population is noteworthy.

There are several references/contacts throughout the documentary that can definitely springboard you into the right direction.

The documentary, directed by Andrea Ulbrick, is called “Rodney’s Robot Revolution”.


I found this to be a bit inspiring too, in a different way.


For the wow, this is what I want :