Wow logging in trouble again


i just read a post that said HF got a 22 mill. how am i having logging in issues???
i made a post about this before where i log in and it says something like interferance crashed last run, dang a problem has crashed the hf client to close…
this is bs. stop with this client side bs. this is turning it to some stupis pyramid scam. client side making money for runing a computer domain cause a location is to filled. so basicly if i have a location that has to many people on it some one else makes money for shearing there computer speed. im sorry but i have to vent this out. thats so freaking lame. yeah maybe i see why they are doing this cause they needa pay that 22 mill back. screw the user this a enterprise. any way ima try to log back in with my issues and still have issues with my tablet not responding. and see people hurting for trying to fix every fked up bug. smfh


System specs would help troubleshooting.


It would definitely help a lot more to have information on your system: It sounds mostly like there is not enough free resources to upkeep High Fidelity and the Sandbox at the same time.

You can completely opt out of Sandbox by turning off sandbox (or just not installing it on install), and making sure it doesn’t start when you start your computer.

That will free up quite a bit of resources in the background, as after all the sandbox consists of a set of servers (multiple processes, each assigned to a task for a Domain (Asset, Entity, Audio, Avatar, Message) thus “assignment client” servers and a single domain server) on your PC. Any lack of resources will cause the scripts to run alot more sluggishly, thus you having issues with the tablet. Forexample, have issues doing both that and running around with and HMD at the same time.

Doing this however will disable your local space, and you will be forced to host it else where or use someone else’s domain.

  1. Install high fidelity with default install (with sandbox enabled)
  2. Run Highfidelity to arrive in local sandbox
  3. Close Highfidelity local sandbox from tasks because it seems like annoying spyware of some kind which doesn’t close when I close Highfidelity client
  4. Run highfidelity client again – guess what it looks like you are not logged in, getting error
    message sandbox is not available. Close, try again… all we see is a blank screen with a horizon…
  5. Make a rant on the forums about how High fidelity sucks
  6. Wash rinse repeat for 1 of 4 new users

I mentioned this in the feedback survey that went out about it and countless others have mentioned it.

REMOVE SANDBOX FROM DEFAULT INSTALL!!! (new users need to load into a friendly online world without having to learn the navigation ‘GO’ button/ enter key.


Thanks guys. yeah ill try some of that its just buggy it works most times but twice i had it where it just crashes over and over to where i cant get in . ill try some of those