Writer from the New Yorker wants to do interviews about virtual reality

Hi guys, heads up! This afternoon I was on the telephone with Patty Marx, who is a writer for New Yorker magazine. She is pitching a story to her editor today to travel to San Francisco and talk to various companies doing work in virtual reality. She is BRAND NEW to VR and would be writing from that personal perspective. She contacted me because of my blog.

I recommended that she speak to Philip Rosedale at High Fidelity. Is there someone at High Fidelity that I should connect her with, a contact for PR? She has already been in touch with Dr. Jeremy Bailenson At Stanford and he has suggested STRIVR, BALLAST, and LIMBIX. (She is not interested, nor is her editor, in VR gaming.)

Could somebody at HiFi please get back to me with the name of a contact to pass on to Patty? Thanks!

Been reading the New Yorker since I could read.
She does write on tech topics, Ryan, so will get this.
Paul Rubin, who wrote Future Presence.
Kent Bye, voices of VR
Charlie Fink - who is in NY

All of these would be good reoources. If she’s going to SF, she should visit UploadVR’s offices.

Is there NOBODY from High Fidelity monitoring these fourms?!??
I got a response back from Linden Lab within half an hour, with the name of a contact person.
I’ve been waiting all afternoon and nobody from HiFi has given me the name of a contact person that this writer could set up a meeting with.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?? This is potential marketing for your platform.

(Thanks DrFran I did pass your info on to Patty Marx and she was grateful.)

OK I finally got an answer to my question thanks to the person who suggested I reach Jazmin Cano via Twitter. Thank you!

I would say that this forum is pretty dead or user only this days.

But you have been saying that ever since you rage quit and went to sansar

Not really using sansar until the fixed / add a few things.
Also i did spot yesterday on discord that high fidelity have a new forum.

Can never have tomany discords and forums and websites.if we didnt have these things people might be so bored they would try vr


From outsiders, this looks a lot as popes’ fight. Why not have a 3rd one to be more official than the 2 others…

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Hi there @RyanSchultz,

Thanks for letting us know. The appropriate contact to email about Patty and any future press contacts is press@highfidelity.com.

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Thank you! That is what Jazmin told me, too.

But really, it shouldn’t take the whole weekend to get an official response when somebody posts to these forums or the Discord servers. I’m not blaming you, I’m just saying.

“Also i did spot yesterday on discord that high fidelity have a new forum.”

Details? Link??

August 17, 2019 in discord federated hifi users -> announcement

Meeks Maki Last Saturday at 2:27 AM
@everyone There is now the community Federated Hifi Users forum! A place to discuss, find information, ask for help and share your creations! Please let us know if you want changes and we can form the forums together. Let’s make it a home for all information Hifi! https://fhu.community/ We can’t wait to see what you’ll post! Check out my server hosting guide! There’s also an avatar mega thread somewhere.