X and Z drag also moves Y


Moving an entity in either the X or the Z by use of the new arrows causes the Height to change, if I increase the X then the Y also increases, if I decrease the X then the Y also decreases.
Same for the Z, any movement creates changes in the Y.
The rotations are zero (or as close as Hifi will allow = -0.0017 in all axes)
With Grid snapping turned on this problem is magnified because it immediately changes the Y position by 0.1 every time I move in X or Z.

To duplicate issue…

Set object to a round location (say 1000, 1000,1000) then drag the X or Z arrow in any direction and observe changes in the Y axis.
Turn on grid snapping to see the problem amplified.

This only happens changing the X and Z, changing the Y axis does not affect the X nor Z.

Snapping to grid causes problems

This is still happening, this is actually a bug and quite annoying, I hope it can get some attention now.