XaosPrincess invites you to participate in a VR lecture event in-world


On this “Transmedia Thursday” (https://www.eventbrite.de/e/transmedia-thursday-social-vr-mit-high-fidelity-tickets-44288731789) XaosPrincess is giving a RL lecture about High Fidelity at Munich’s Macromedia University (http://www.mhmk-international.org/mhmk-locations/campus-munich.html).

Munich audience members will be invited to take a look inworld through the Vive.

Let’s show them HiFi’s social & creative potential!

Come to @Maker on Thursday, April 19th, 11am PDT, and rez your finest creations or give the Munich crowd a tour through your domain!


Fudge this was a bit short notice oh well


I didn’t dare to drive everyone crazy before a successful test run - which finally happened 12h prior to the event :stuck_out_tongue:
But you’re a living legend anyhow (i.e. I took the freedom to mention you in the lecture)
& the inworld crowd really rocked it!
Thanx so much everyone for showing up & off!!
We’ve made a wonderful impression in Munich & got the crowd there excited about HiFi :purple_heart: :pretzel: :sunglasses:

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