Xbox controller support


Now that we know HiFi has a current primary focus on HMDs in prep for Vive and Oculus Release, there is a plentiful lack of scripts or support for the first release of the Oculus for High Fidelity.

Specifically the fact that there are no hand controller on release on the Rift.

What I propose is to create a script which would simulate the behavior of the hand controllers,

Key things: the hands always “point” to the direction where one is looking, but they won’t go to that direction until user presses the interaction button for that hand.

  • LS is used for moving forward back and strafing

  • LS press jumps. Holding LS fly up.

  • RS is rotates the body. IF flying, also controls up down.

  • Holding RS and tapping RT alternative used Right hand

  • Holding RS and tapping LT alternative used Left hand

  • Holding LT + RS/LS manipulate grabbed object in Left position/rotation

  • Holding RT + RS/LS manipulates grabbed object on right position/rotation

  • LT press, use/interact action, left hand attachment

  • RT press, use/interact action, right hand attachment

  • LB drop/throw left hand attachment

  • RB drop/throw right hand attachment

  • LT Hold - Grab if Ieft hand is free

  • RT Hold - Grab if right hand is free

  • other Buttons are are script specific and should also work in combination with other

  • whatcha guys think?


You can author this “hand controller emulator” .js using the Controller API in the docs.

See also:


I have xbox one controller. not good for games. mouse better. but in high fideity it’s very use full. just done my first test. Only the look around is missing i think. I know hat can be added in some way.

But it walks better then with mouse. I think it’s nicer to have walk one one joystick. the "mouselook’ on the other stick and strafe + jump on the buttons.

Wich script is the xbox one use ? hopefull a seperate simple to read one.


Most likely the same one via the Controller thingy since it should translate just fine in Win 10.


Only see handcontrollergrab.js but if that is the one you like to screw and is doing it ?
Otherwise i would not know how to change it


whats cool about the xbox controller if you press up up down down left left right right, you get infinite life’s


Optional if that is more easy, add mouselook mode on a stick. but it only get activated after you press a button. It’s bit problematic. in fly mode you need both sticks.