Xbox one controller very sensitive. No dead zone?


It looks like the xbon one controller does not have one deadzone in high fidelity. The slightest touch is moving you. in the wrong direction to. And i can remember that the did have add a deadzone. mabye not for the xbon one con troller.

Or is there a unknown setting we need to adjust in “settings” ?

ADD: off course, did test it a few times and after writing this it seems to respond better / :confused: Still soemthing weird happens. , firts you move a very small amount. Then it looks like you get trapped into som dead zone. and then it moves. Other times the dead zone seems a bit lost.

I think for the xbon one controller the dead zone is to small.


I had to turn mine off. When it’s setting on my workbench and air conditioner comes on the vibration from it is enough to make my HF AV jitter. Rather annoying.