XR Artist Tools List


Hey All!
I’ve been working on a list of tools that might be useful to the community. http://www.xrartisttoolkit.com/



Thanks for this nvrndr!
It looks like you have a lot of in-VR tools, is it okay to add some non-VR tools? (I see you have Substance Painter)

I would add Maya, Max, Blender, Houdini, Mudbox, ZBrush, 3DCoat, and Cinema4D to the list, or I’ll just call them out here as viable artist tools if anyone is looking for info.

Did also want to point out your document is view only! :slight_smile:



Hey Alexia,
Thanks for pointing that out, I fixed the link!

Originally I created this to share in a Facebook group I’m in called XR Artists.
https://www.facebook.com/groups/xrartists/ so thats I focused on those tools. I added substance painter initially because I saw a link to a thread about a VR version but the devs clarified that it was just a private demo.

But I think adding non-VR tools would be great in another tab!

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This project is now a webpage! www.xrartisttoolkit.com:comet:
Currently it features VR specific software and features, but I’ll be adding the other resources from the earlier version in the coming weeks.

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This is an awesome overview!
Thanks a million :purple_heart::sunglasses:



Site appears to be down…



Thanks for the heads up, looking into it right now!



can I make a suggestion? it might be helpful if you include the operating systems the software is available for as well.

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