Yeah, let Skimi off the leash


got the TpCast for my vive today yippie :star_struck:


Back with a first impression. Setup was easy, around 30 min to bring it online. No noticable frame drops so far, everything runs smooth. And it’s a big immersive difference, walking free in the room without getting caught by the cable. :sunglasses:

I guess we’ll soon be laughing about what things we’ve been wearing on our heads…


Hopefully it won’t be too long until they are reduced to contact lenses.


Gak! I hope not! I can’t have anything near my eyeballs without freaking out! I’d, frankly, rather have my head opened up and something clamped to my optic nerves!


How much did that set you back?


got it on the black friday/ cyber monday weekend for 299 € incl. VAT bucks.


Jesus in Dingo money that’s a lot of money.


indeed. regular they cost 359 in Germany right now. But, it’s a self birthday present - so lets have fun :tada:


haha yeah that is quite the rad present to get haha.


Wow that’s so great if I was younger and still a IT working person you see me using one.
Have fun be happy and maybe a furry he he.