Yearly Remind Linux Builds


So we’re still at the point we were discussing a year ago with Linux Builds, and we did get a response that only a few people are working on Linux Support. Up until Recently this wasn’t an issue for me because the AUR had a build script that work for Arch Linux, and OmegaHeron had a .deb Package i was using for my domain. Omega’s Package still works from what i know.

What i’m suggesting is using Flatpak or AppImage to get a Distro Neutral package off the ground. I has worked for Spotify, Skype and Discord, it can work for HiFi.

I understand supporting Windows from a Business standpoint, but supporting Mac of Linux is madness to me, Linux is a larger market share, just only officially support Debian flavors and tell other people they’re on their own at the very least. HiFi is supposed to be this decentralized wonderland of VR Development but it’s almost completely locked behind a wall of Windows and non-functional Linux build instructions. If Linden Lab and the people producing 3rd Party viewers can provide us with Distro Neutral archives with a launch script i don’t understand what’s stopping HiFi other than the time to compile and upload.

I know that Oculus officially dropping support had a lot to do with the lack of Linux Support lately, but my Oculus still works on Linux, My HDK2 works in HiFi, The Vive has pleanty of support.

All that being said literally all of my development can be done in Linux now, Blender, Substance, Maya, Mudbox, ect. It’s just a shame i’d literally have to run windows because I can’t get this to build on Arch which is my Dev Environment.

All this being said if someone were willing to help me update teh hifi-git AUR package, we can talk about it in another thread.


Linux peeps are my fav


Yes, I want to compile and work with Hifi, at best from the actual git repository, too…

Problem since some time, I have problems with running “interface” based on the linux distri and environment. I have got SIGSEGV segmentation fault problems and face/want to fix this problem from time to time on my spare free time.

I’ll look into the future were we have a package on Debian, Gentoo, Mint and on any other Linux distribution so that Hifi will spread the world on Linux.

I like the Hifi style of implementation in source code available on github.


As of right now I could provide a pre-compiled Package for Arch Linux that would probably work on most distros. I’m just having one issue. When I launch i get an error where it kind find the default scripts location when i try to load scripts from a URL I crash.

I’m building the latest Stable right now and will update the thread accordingly. I can also Provide my editted PKGBUILD but I will not offer support for those things. I would like to eventually provide a flatpak but my time is even more limited than my skill at doing this. I am a 3d Artist first and foremost which is why i was looking for someone to do this work for me, lol. I just feel like it’s insane to have to dual boot windows when my entire creation workflow is possible on Linux now.

It’s possible I just don’t know where DefaultScripts.js is located in the build after i’m done compiling and I could easily point to the directory if someone would tell me where to find the damn script.


Another successful build but the issue i’m having which i posted in bugs is still there. DefaultScripts.js fails to be found, when I attempt to load ANY Script from URL i get an immediate scrash. If someoen could point me to the direction DefaultScripts.js is supposed to be so i can trouble shoot that would be great.



I did get the default scripts to work. I’ll keep messing with things as I go, I can’t get them to load out of a directory yet which is annoying.


Do not feel left out when it comes to problems for I have it with Ubuntu.


"If Linden Lab and the people producing 3rd Party viewers can provide us with Distro Neutral archives with a launch script i don’t understand what’s stopping HiFi other than the time to compile and upload."
The OpenSL project used mono. Worked a CHARM without addng anything more than the standard mono dev packages.


I signed up for HiFi in 2015, but only logged in to the website so far. I need a Linux Client!


Bump! …bump again …I think I have 20+chars now


Well after some time AND looking into several logs AND tried several things, my solution for compiling the interface without errors or starting the interface without SIGSEGV problems was very easy: take a new cmake version:-)
So easy, mint here has an 3.5 and this part of the module needs over 3.6, so now with 3.11 (and removing cmake from the mint system) it works.

So now start from my beginning, with Qt 5.9.x from source, all packages from the linux readme of hifi and my new cmake :slight_smile: not more…

Problem was on the cmake issue, you don’t get an error which show you the right direction, so if you facing an problem look to ALL log files, maybe you get a hint…

Greetings to all linux-hifies :smile:


Hi folks,

i am new here - just learned about this place yesterday.
In fact it is almost exactly what i am looking for.
But i am on Linux (Solus) only since Win10 hit the ground.

Count me in as soon as there is a snap or flatpack available.

CU :slight_smile:


Still waiting for a Linux build. Is Omegaheron keeping their PPA updated? But we need official support.


Came here to complain about this, don’t really know why it is as bad as it is. The only reason I can think of is that hi fi is still so small and linux users are an even smaller part of that group so they aren’t “focusing on it” but that seems short sighted to me. People on the AUR can’t even piece together a working build which is incredible. I don’t want hi fi to be distributed via a container like flatpak because it will incentivise lazy development. Maybe downloading libraries and stuff from a web browser is the only way it can be done in windows, but on linux having folders of outdated libraries littering my home folder is crass and irritating.


I never understood using Linux for desktop, seems like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer because it feels better when you stop…


Well, we here use Linux for decades, also on desktop.

But most all of the Linux users build things, that is why we are so interested into HiFi…
It is our VR platform, to do things with it, or even better to build things with it.

We like to look into the design of things.

Man, I hope I will have more time on this in future - I like the platform which HiFi generates.

I’m very interested where VR or HiFi will go in future.

We want young minds with new, complete different ideas, so HiFi/VR today looked like the internet in 1996…


Yeah, at work I get to use a lot of Windows and MacOS and paying to use someone else’s hammer to hit yourself in the head with is far better. :stuck_out_tongue: :grin:


sounds like what you need


So, are you getting anywhere with this?


I was about to say the same thing. When you see traffic for Linux build problems go away, it’s pretty much a dead parrot.