Yep, we raised a bunch more money


Hi everyone - we’ve not given any official interviews about it, but we’ve raised an additional $22M in financing. The money came from two great new investors - IDG Capital and Jim Breyer / Breyer capital - who are huge believers in the potential of VR as a general platform. This money will give us lots more time and teammates to continue building High Fidelity - we’re very happy. Come find me in-world if you like and we can share a high five and chat.

We should all be very proud of what we’ve built together so far.


Would this be the time to ask for a pioneer domain??? :wink:


Awesome, impressive & inspiring!


That’s always good news. Shame Hi5 not work.

Vive is in repair. Still in transit to the center.
Mabye lucky if it’s this year back,
But i did do it this year, need it next year more. hifi stops meetings soon to for this year.


Congratulations! I guess that means more time till a wide release of the finished product, but I’m guessing this means it will be even better.

Tim (Sirois) King


:grinning: Pioneer program is over, but maybe we’ll do another round at some point!


First time i hear about pioneer account domain. What ever that means.


always a bridesmaid… :slight_smile: Thanks.


Congratulations for you all.

Wishing the team a very productive 2017 !!!