You Are Cordially Invited


Hi everyone,

This Thursday at 7pm PDT, we’re holding a mixer in High Fidelity, and you’re invited! Here are the details:

When: Thursday, September 22, 2016, 7pm PDT

Where: In Good-Times - - or type “good-times” in your nav bar in High Fidelity

What: A mixer–just a time to hang out and socialize with anyone who happens to drop by! Bring your friends. We’ll be serving a variety of beverages (which you can attach to your hand), or you can bring your own.
Instructions & links for attaching drinks can be found here: (link to drinks on marketplace that will have instructions in the description)

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be hosting these regularly. You’ll be able to see when they happen on our handy High Fidelity Event Calendar!

Hope to see you there :slight_smile:


Soon, you’ll see the collection of drinks in the marketplace, but I thought I’d leave the same info and assets here as well.

The drinks pack contains:
Soda, Boo’s, fruity drinks, milk & chocolate milk, orange juice, and a cup of bourbon.

Drinking tip! If you get the model URL from the Entity Properties box in edit mode, you can attach them to the LeftHand or RightHand joint in Avatar > Attachments. Or just copy and paste any of these direct links into Avatar > Attachments.

Suggestion for attaching a can in your left hand:

X: 0 Y: .08 Z: .06

X: 12 Y: 0 Z: 75

Scale: 0.2


7pm. :neutral_face:That’s my sleep time.


Count me in.


For the effort this might have taken, and all the manual labor to switch your glasses, I have made a script that attaches the drink on click / grab.


Mouse: Left or right-click on any of the drinks

Handcontroller: Left or right near-grab on the drinks

Cheers! Cya all at the mixer!


I had a great time at the shindig last night, and I loved getting to chat with some of you who I’d only met in passing. If you came to the party, thank you! And if you couldn’t make it, we’ll have more of these in the future. Keep an eye on the calendar. :tada:


wish I could have been there, but I am pretty sick with bronchitis, and need to sleep longer hours. Waaaaah. :frowning:

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