You can actually buy HTC Vive In the UK and Rumour HTC Vive 2?


It seems to me that you can buy the HTC Vive normal electronic online stores like Currys / Overclockers Now

You can also collect from the stores what is great

And also there’s a new rumour about a new one coming by the end of the year but this is all speculation


Oh No !, i where to early again. anyway. i do not feel this as really heavy. The nose space is mabye design error on the old one. and the resolution stay the same in the new one. It would be bad if the changed the lens system in the new one so it’s better :open_mouth:

But , well the get in the store, that can be good sign, if you want to use it for hours. But i still need a chat system and desktop. and the chat system is still missing. If sansar have default a chat system the have a a step ahead.


Looking forward to seeing the new specs and its release next year. By then, HF should have more of its missing functionality completed.


Most likely its going to be a revised shape, with updated head band, foam, nose, wrist bands to have a more confort edge vs the Rift…

And since those are fully moddable already, we might see official “confort upgrades” for the vive

Spec wise probably going to stay the same, and more of a Rev2 instead of Vive 2.


There are limits to what they can change without incurring large redesign costs or shifting to more expensive parts that would cause up-pricing the next version. Yes, they can switch to honeycombed plastics to lower the weight, or they could make a finer grained Fresnel lens, and a better strap system at approximately the same cost. But, unless the price of smaller higher pixel density OLED displays has gone down, that is not going to happen, nor can the Vive be flattened much because that would require fancier lenses.

I am curious about the display because the Chinese eyeglass HMD does have much smaller, much closer to the eyes displays. If they have also achieved decent tracking then I would get that one instead of the Vive.

HMDs are not new to me since I did a lot of that back in the last VR wave, so the allure of this wave is, to me, not compelling until sufficient refinements happen both in the HMD and human input controllers, and in the virtual world software.