You can now install Interface into a directory of your choosing


You can now install Interface into whatever directory you wish:

@Richardus ^^


Multiple viewers same machine?


hmm, that was not the intention. Yet, that would probably work. @Judas


The installation in other directory always worked…
But is the fix now implemted so the browser is pointing to the right drive ?


Yes, hifi:// handler will now be set to properly reflect the install location


You could install multiple copies using different install paths, HOWEVER:

  1. Uninstall will only uninstall the last installed copy - you would have to manually delete the install path for any other, previously installed, copies.
  2. hifi:// handler will always load only the last copy of interface installed



@leo, Confirmed, its opening interface.exe.

And there also start the problems,
i have noticed this before but not the path is correct its error. I noticed a few problems…

  • clicking in the directory on domain link is opening always a new interface.exe client, instead of loading it into the existing open one.

  • you dont get teleported after interface.exe is loaded. Nothing happens. you keep in the domain you where last time.


@Richardus both bugs you mention are known, I believe @chris has got both in progress.


Was this feature removed? I was never offered this option. Would certainly have used it had I been!