You do not have the necessary permissions to edit on ths domain


I may have missed this… but is there an issue with editing on your own domain just now? I updated to Stack Manager win 70 and Interface win build 2279 and now I am logged in and on my own domain and it says I cannot edit on hifi://Openvue


Check your server settings.under security. Is there anyone listed with editing rights ?


yes @Adin, my avatar is listed as an allowed editor… and this was working fine last time I tested just before Easter.


Maybe try to remove, restart, then reenter your avatar ?


I stopped and restarted the stack manager… it installed new resources again (it had last been updated about 8 hours ago) and now all works fine. Must have just been a temp sync issue between stack manager that was running from earlier today and the new win build of the Interface. Thanks @Adin.


I didn’t help much, but i am glad it’s working for you now.


I just had the same problem with the permissions and uninstalling and reinstalling the stack manager worked to fix it. Though my virus scanner seems to think that the stack manager is a virus. I’m assuming that it isn’t though.


Well to be fair to your virus scanner: Stack manager is not a well known program and send an awful lot of data. It’s probably just trying to be on the safe side.