You Know You're In Alpha When


… You get 7 updates in 12 hours and 45 minutes !!


LOL! Yeah! Wonder what caused all the updates at once. Perhaps one of those “Die already, darnit!!” bugs. :slight_smile:

On a different but maybe related note… tried to go in tonight, and it keeps showing “(NOT CONNECTED)” on the title bar, but the world gets displayed as if I AM connected, but when I click within the chat window on one of the 3 other ppl but me on, it takes me to a view of an empty space with the big white globe underneath. Is HiFi making like Schroedinger’s Cat tonight? Both Up and NotUp at the same time? :smiley:

addendum: Wait, I seem to be stuck @ localhost. oO

addendum 2, Okay, clicking most of the ppl on now either sends me to a spot at localhost or at localhost1 (!!!), but no AVs appear there. Clicking on Ai_Austin, who presumably is a bot, takes me to a domain in the UK. I love the crumpled-paper landscape there. :smiley:


When you try to visit the white planet


The “NOT CONNECTED” is useful… it shows you are not actually connected to a domain. Before it was difficult to tell if you went to a new domain where there was little or no content. Use “/” to bring up the diagnostic stats and look how many servers you see. If its 0 and its NOT CONNECTED" that’s right. If its got some servers and it still says NOT CONNECTED, that’s probably not okay.


I am NOT a bot :slight_smile: I think…

I think, therefore I am.

@Judas introduced me to the crumpled paper landscape and skydome in use on hifi://,2,100/0,0,0


You know you’re in alpha when…

Every time you go to do something different, you have to write the script first, :smile:

@Nathan_Adored My guess, when you click on someones name and you end up at localhost, its possibly because the user you clicked on is at his localhost, and of course you cant go to his localhost so you get dumped at your own localhost and you will never see another live av there (and I have never seen localhost1, so your guess)


@Adrian, yeah, I figured it had to be something like that. You’d figure the Interface would notice they were at their Localhost (that is, not mine) and simply refuse to move me from where I am to (the wrong) there when I click them. But I guess that feature will come given time. :smile:

Now, how do I get back to the sandbox domain? I’ve lost track of it. :smiley: Wait for someone else to show up there, I guess.


CTRL/d to open domain window then type

and when you get there, make a landmark (File -> name this location) and call it whatever you want.

I have a location in sandbox called #play, and the middle of my domain called #town and my plot on alpha domain is called #myplace

so I can flick around easily.

A hotkey shortcut for locations, hold shift and press 2 then 3 without releasing the shift key, this opens the location window and puts a hash ready for your location.

So I go “SHIFT/23 play” enter, and I’m there


Try to log in…

Oh I need an update.

Start downloading update.

Go to get coffee.

Come back install updated run.

Oh I need an update!


… when you install from GIT and run from /opt. :stuck_out_tongue:

(may the source be with you)


You know you’re in alpha when:
The question you asked back in October 2014 Would the domains ever be extended so the origin is in the center and the values would go to minus levels? Thus increasing the domain size to 32k in each direction so I can make sure I was building in the exact center of my domain.

You got a definite “no this wont happen”

And some months later it actually happens making it that you’ve built your entire city in the wrong place. ““X 4 domains””

Sure bigger is generally better.
Now its all in the wrong place. and its not like I didnt ask this actual question, not complaining, just saying.

Yep we are still in Alpha Toto.


So, is there, or will there be, a way to move an entire collection of rezzed objects x number of meters over? Say, something like Builder’s Buddy or a Horizons crate? Or something like on opensim when you tell the system to load this oar with an offset to over HERE on this var-region?


I guess it wouldnt be too difficult to write a script to subtract 16K from the x, y, and z locations and move everything but then all the settings would be wrong, all my scripts would be wrong, they could be all rewritten also.

But to be honest I am totally over redoing all my work because of decisions to completely change something we have been working on since the start.

Nope not gonna do it, because its totally possible that some months down the track they will change it back without explanation, its has happened before, several times, I am over redoing my work. It sits where it sits.

Its my fault, I wanted to be part of alpha and like I said, these kinds of issues are part of the alpha life.


There is no reason you have to use the negative side of the axes. It is there if you want it, but can safely be ignored if you want to stay positive!


I built at 0,0,0 :slight_smile:


10 Download the latest update, forget to install it,
20 Log in and download the latest update.
30 goto 10


You know you’re in alpha when you have to consult source code to write a script.


You know you’re in alpha when you go live on steam and you get mostly terrible reviews.


Steam users only like something once they’re sure everyone else likes it.


I think most Steam users just like to complain because of all the sh**ty games that somehow make it onto Steam every day.