Your avatar is your business... again


After the last update and the new docs, I spent a day making my avatar a little bit more what I want to be. Now I give up because I’ve spent so much time on it and the result is pretty modest.

The new Docs, the Video Playlist, suggest that it’s quite simple. But the known problems are faded out, finally, if you follow the tutorials, you still have holes under your armpits, and since last year more bones were added pretty stupid shoulders, and you stand looks always a little on your toes, etc…

That’s NO FUN. I know there are people who do great avatars, they can do that. I can’t.

I was thinking about buying an avatar. But if I work on it in Blender, I’ll always have those weird shoulders again, the holes under my arms, so I can spare myself that, too.

If you want an individual human avatar, with a healthy posture, and you are not a avatar expert, you’re - in my opinion - pretty lost in HiFi.


If you are using a Fuse avatar, better not edit it in Blender unless you have the patience to fix the rigging every single time you want to have a new outfit for it. (Which is not an option for me.)

I’m now at less than 20 minutes to get a clean avatar from Fuse to HiFi, fixing everything at the texture level (after having used FBXoMap 2 to replug the Opacity on the Diffuse map like Hifi need it)

It’s even more easy to create new clothes to add to Fuse than try to do that on a rigged avatar in Blender. Fully reusable and material customizable directly in Fuse.


What annoys me a little is that it is suggested that it is quite simple - and the problems are simply ignored. If you then follow the docs and the You Tube vids, and spend money on an avatar, you’re pretty f*cked.

If you ask the staff for help, you get the answer that you could fix it with weight paint. That’s certainly possible, but which ‘normal’ user can? My weight paint skills aren’t very big either, and my avatar looked worse than before (jabba the hutt syndrom)

I wish the tutorials were more serious and would not doing it was easy-peasy.


Weight painting…

Yeah… Cut our grass with a pair of scissors is definitely possible, but people don’t want to do that.

Thing are not going to get solved soon.

  • Fbx import is broken in Blender (Because Autodesk make it’s best to protect their format)
  • You can alway pay a fortune to get Maya. (Frankly it’s not decent for most of people for who they don’t make money from this in a very serious way.)
  • Blender will just stop to support FBX in the future.
  • Fuse - Mixamo might stuck with FBX.
  • gITF might be the future thing.

So or we create from scratch to build in gIFT, which will limit the crowd very seriously.
or you learn to deal with FBX without Blender.

None of the solution are viable for a large adoption of the platform.

Unless maybe there is a decent converter FBX to gITF. (Even there, do I really want to edit my avatar each time ?)

I’m afraid that we are still going nowhere regarding the large audience.