Your Avatar your business


I was trying to use my own choice of avatar. I packaged the model according to doc instructions, aimed to the fst file upon the public server where the fbx and the fst files are located. I promptly vanished, my avatar fails to display, is this a failing on my part or something being worked on?

Now having asked that. I am aware of the avatar standards as listed in the docs, however, for my purposes I’d like to be a quadruped, a horse in particular. For my purposes a biped is unsuitable, so no range of anthropomorphic avatar will suffice.

Unlike an entity, I can not point interface to a url with my animation sets which would cover the range of animations I have prepared for said horse. I am supposing that I can ‘stopAnimation’ and run each needed animation take I wish displayed and govern all those things through scripting(?).

If this is the case need I use the default avatar standard rigging? I can use that skeleton but it does not allow a good range of horsey motion, though i can approximate it so long as I don’t wish to graze. Need I fashion my horse as an attachment,. hide my biped skeleton and animate the attachment ‘me’ accordingly?

Thanks for your attention to this missive. Comments and suggestions are certainly welcome. No, the avatar I tried to load was not a quadruped but rather a standard mixamo avatar (which I surely hope I am not restricted to) with nothing unexpected to interface… Thought, outside of a horse and with my current build project, it could be useful to be a dragon of times.


If this is just an example avatar, would you mind sharing the .fst the .fbx and texture folder links? This will enable others to repeat your attempt and let you know what is wrong.

Thanks in advance.


Surely! interestingly when I imported this avatar into Maya some of the face normals are reversed, which I have had happen with my horse model and it did cause display issues

My horse, incidentally, is located in Equus near the town entrance, however there are scads of textures and a lot of geometry which will take some while to load in if you have the patience and there are no convex hulls so you’ll phase right through any hill structures (which were generated in Maya from a DEM and is the terrain of my locale). The horse I’m animating is the quarter horse, not the big drafter dude (who I have intentions of making publicly available).


Have you tried packaging the animations as separate .fbx’s and then pulling back together using a custom animation graph?

I haven’t messed with this feature very much yet, but here’s what I know so far:

  • resources/avatar/avatar-animation.json – the default avatar animation graph
  • Settings -> Avatar: Avatar Animation JSON – where that default can be overridden with a custom URL
  • MyAvatar.setAnimGraphUrl(<URL>) / MyAvatar.getAnimGraphUrl() – how the same setting can be accessed from the scripting side


Woah that’s awesome I’ll study up on it. Thank you very much for bringing that to my attention. Horsey-ness here I come!


The Mixamo/Interface pipeline appears to be broken presently

I brought the Remy.fbx into the world as an asset and it appears fine (textures are included in the FBX file).

I went to Settings>Avatar and found that the url had been truncated from to so I replaced the truncated link but the avatar does not appear and the url returns to truncated upon relaunching interface.

I decided to see if the avatar would appear using the asset transfer protocol and moved the avatar.fbx and avatar.fst to the domain assets and pointed interface to atp:/equus_models/avatar/Remy.fst this did not result in an avatar appearance.

I have noticed that recently the address of an avatar had been changed from a plain character name to a hash table value named file and suspect that this feature is being worked upon for the sake of security. Following the procedures outlined in DOCS does not work presently.


I’m delaying trying to get my horse avatar into hifi since, if I can not bring in a custom avatar my chances of bringing in a non-standard avatar seems slim. In order to resolve this I began perusing the forum topics on the matter.

One piece of information I discovered mentioned that file paths are listed within the fst file. I checked my fst file which declares itself to be located in a sub-directory called Remy where the fbx and the fst files should located while the textures were expected to derive from a textures sub-directory of that Remy folder.

I moved Remy.fbx and Remy.fst over to a new folder called Remy and created a sub-folder for the textures and moved the textures into that folder. The directory structure now matches that called for in the fst file.

I also noticed that the file name is no longer truncated by interface in the avatar field upon relogging. This did not, however result in displaying the Mixamo avatar. Further research into past threads revealed a notice by @trouble that the fbx file should be no more than 10 meg. Remy, a stock Mixamo avatar weighs in well over 10 megs and perhaps this is why I can not display the avatar.

So far no dice and I am moving around hifi without an avatar as I do not like appearing as a Mathew clone nor any of the default avatars. I can be detected by name name tag if I happen to float through. My next venture is to deprecate the Mixamo avatar and see if it will indeed appear once I get below the 10 meg limit.

Comments and suggests are quite welcome and I thank you for your kind attention to this missive.


If you did this manually, then you didn’t “Package Model” from the Menu. Do a forum search for “Rio”


It can be as big and as laggy as you like and will still work just people will glare at u lol
re the horse avatar
the trick to getting that to work is the edit-package model dialogue, you can pair up your bone names to the appropriate hifi ones, then subject to bonees all rotating the correct way it should work (Blender users do a lotta swearing here)


The fst file is a produce of packaging. I will do a search for Rio. Thank you!


Hi, is there a developer marketplace as there was in Second Life? Somewhere you could contract to get an Avatar built?


I suspect that there will be soon. There are many options, Miximo being one of those which can provide you a free avatar and custom animations It also appears that DAZ can be a resource for avatars as well as some of the 3d model sites where you can easily order a custom avatar from an amazing list of artists and at a very reasonable price.
Presently the market place is under development with a growing list of items. I think you’ll begin to see options there as more people discover the amazing metaverse best represented by hifi!