ZaneLear here, making/made some High Fidelity YT vids!


I made a couple of videos sofar about being in game, I might make this my video area so if there are any more in the future I happen to upload to YT I will update this post, check out the links below and who knows, you might be in my next video!

Video 1: Goofing about in High Fidelity.

Video 2: High Fidelity Dev Chat Event. -


Very cool, I missed the meeting so was great to catch up on it


Glad I could help, yeah I figured since I was heading over that way and what not that I would record it all, I should of sat down tho… legs kinda hurt after a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try to make more videos and record more events/meetings if anyone wants to point out anything that is up coming, I will try to also add more to it then just me standing about too.


Thanks a lot for the recording, really appreciated.

There’s an event calendar here:


Thank you also for the reply~ I shall read over the event stuff and do my best to record all that I can!

I will be kinda like a news reporter or something, it sounds fun and I imagine a lot of people will enjoy viewing the events from my point of view, well maybe.