Zlib.dll missing


Today’s anomaly, when I restarted the stack manager was to receive this error message:


I spent an hour sorting this out earlier to be able to compile stack/interface again. From GIT conversation with programmer… to compile you need to install and fix a header file.

you may need to install from
and you may need to fix a header file, as described here:

It seems installing zlib library via that package sorts the runtime need as well.

If you’re not trying to compile you can ignore fixing headers and installing devel lib.


I am SOO glad someone else has this issue… I am in the middle of a Operating System reload and this bug got me too! In fact up to this point, I’ve been working on the problem for 4 hours!

I am very glad it ain’t me (this time) :slight_smile:


I need to point out I did not build the domain controller or stack manager. This happened just by stop and then starting the stack manager, so the bug is with something the HF devs posted.

Any idea when that will get fixed…

Just checked processes and none of the assignment.exe processes are running. No avatar mixer, no audio mixer, etc. Consequently a visit to my domains is nothing but stars.


Yes, Franny will be down as I go to work. :frowning:


I have hit this problem when I changed from windows stack managerbuild 86 to build 89 too.

I tried going back to build 86 but that also gives an error now.

So stuck until this I fixed


Please close and reopen Stack Manager to get latest requirements.


Thanks @leo… that’s is working for me on hifi://Openvue now with win build 89


Didn’t realize stack manager went through a major update. I downloaded 89 and all is OK again.


This seems to have reappeared today. I did copy the dll to the right place… and the messaged changed to just: cant start correctly.

Maybe the include library should be zlib1.dll?


Oh yes, I just restarted the stack manager to show a friend HiFi coolness, and zap. I think HF has a QA process problem. Yes, it’s alpha, but dang, this is basic QA stuff.
And here again we are at a point where it is not possible to revert a stack manager component to something earlier.


yes… not much to do but wait.


This is resolved. See also, thread on STUN ICE.