Zone: Flying Allowed doesn't work fine


When we set a zone to “Flying Allowed” = false
I expect to fall if I walk to the void. But instead, this set us in flying pose and we stay in the air.

Please, can you fix that?
(This is kinda wasting another of my project.)


You know, I actually thought about that awhile ago since they made it so you start flying automatically if you fall, if they bothered to check that…

Guess not.


Quite sure this is a regression. I have souvenir of being able of falling.


Similar issue: when running down slope (downhill), avatars will walk on air in a straight path. When the avatar stops moving it will fall. Very unnatural.


I second the need to correct this - so many things this behavior breaks, from my perspective. Just add a option to enable or disable falling/gravity - leave it on for new users to avoid motion sickness, but allow it to be turned off as needed for those of us who enjoy it or create domains where it is required.


How could we developped any games if we can’t decide the rules… in that case, No flying in a zone means no fly at all. (not optional)
In the same mood, I think a “no teleport” property would be needed on the zone too. ( I think I could manage to prevent people to cheat by teleporting using a script, but that’s a bit ridiculous to have to do that.)

For people who have motion sickness. Instead, add them a setting to get notified if they enter in a zone where they might get affected. Are we going to do nothing because some people can experience motion sickness? Seriously…


Du sprichst mir aus dem Herzen!! :purple_heart::sunglasses:
(I couldn’t agree more!!)