Zone Instancing


I would really like to see a way to instance zones for a single or multiple avatars, not only for avatar privacy sake but also for load balancing across hifi domain servers.

RPG game where an avatar or group of avatars pilot an instanced ship.
A single player game where the user isn’t expected to interact with other avatars.
Private fitting rooms for clothing stores.
Private rooms for escort services.
Rental homes.
Heavy traffic areas such as a bar or club that can spin off an instance when server loads are too high.
Title screens and entrance areas.
“Prisons” where banned users may connect but are segregated from public areas.
Private meeting areas.


Well, private apartments or homes might also be useful to have Instanced, tho I suppose the desired privacy could also be achieved by simply making it so only those you want to see in to be able to see in or GET in.

As for the notion that banned users get shunted to a prison location… I get this sudden image of a big, wide cornfield… or of a prison placed INSIDE a big, wide cornfield. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I mean, hey, we gotta keep with our virtual world heritage! :smiley:


Would using domains rather than zones be too big of a hammer for this nail?


You could probably use script to feign some sort of “instancing” but something like this is probably better off hard-coded.