Zone keylight is partially render


For any reason, the rendering of the keylight of the zone on “Vankh” domain is only working for maybe over 90 degrees of the 360. This is wasting a bit the view.
I reproduce this with or without the shadows.
It seems to work fine on other domains (I went to National Park, for example and it works.)

I’m on Oculus.
Most of the entities are stored on the web, then no baking.

Any idea ?


No idea but have seen this


This looks like something to do with the zone or light being culled when the camera fulcrum culls the light entity or stage light. Is there a zone in that area where you are looking around, or does it occur only in some spots on the domain?

CC: @Sam


It seems to affect all the zones in that domain. (Vanhk and Wothal)

I notice that when I just arrived, it happen that it works correctly over the 360 degree until I move.
after it’s systematic.



Same, seen it on more than a couple domains


Hi everyone!

Could you let me know if this is still an issue for you in the next release?

If it is, I’ll make sure we dig in deeper and get this figured out.


I will check it, but I felt that was already less frequent in the release 62.