Zone , skybox and entities outside the zone


Now, i made my first good terrain, so I also did for the first time a zone. But hee i still see that other terrain i dont want that. So i hoped to solve that with a skybox inside the zone.

But, it failed. Why do i entities fropm outside the skybox zone. I expect when you are inside a zone you not see things outside taht zone and skybox would be like a screen in Secondlife.

Big fail for me i think, or misisng coide in high fidelity. I moved already the zone 4000 more away from the other terrain. And still i see this ugly picture.

Now you can say, wrong implementation from the terrain setup. May be. or May be not.

I think a skybox need to block everything that is outside it. so high fidelity not need to display things outside you skybox.

LOD, Clipping plane, Draw distance and stuff
LODs - How are they determined

There are reasons why ether way may be advantageous. I suggest adding a new property to zones and to skyboxes:
[x] Occlude everything outside