Zone -- skybox display hit or miss


As of Build 3891 [Windows 10 x64] zone skybox rendering is still random success/fail. One login it’s there, another it’s not. This is just basic cloudy day from HF Market. I’m not seeing an error when loading for missing bits either. For instance - I’m not seeing zone skybox this run - log reveals;

[01/11 13:51:27] [DEBUG] Starting request for:
[01/11 13:51:27] [DEBUG] Request finished for
[01/11 13:51:27] [DEBUG] Finished loading:

Seems others are having issues with this as well.



Hi @OmegaHeronthanks for sending over the log. I have this listed as an issue.


Thanks @chris - of course, soon as I reported it’s rendered every time since.


I have seen the issue and know what you mean


I stillhave problems with the skybox. Thoys gave me the only nice one from HQ.
But it still not load @chris. mabey you can give me the correct code from HQ if it’s different then mine. The weird thing is that the skybox works on mine domain after i did visit HQ and go back to my domain. Off course after relog it’s gone.

    "ProceduralEntity":  {
        "shaderUrl": ""