Zoom, orientation and position


I fully don’t understand the concept of camera and avatar moving in hf. If the default scripts are loaded and I’m not in edit mode. W moves in the moment my avatar forward and in the deep. up and down moves my avatar and also changes the zoom a bit in full mirror mode. The mouse wheel doesn’t work only the right mouse button changes the orientation. In edit mode, the zoom dos work with the mouse wheel and the right mouse buttons spins my avatar around. If i leave the edit mode the zoom dos change, the view is somewhere and I must search my avatar. Do I something false, or dos this really work in this way?


It just can be confusing, especially because escape don’t escape you from problems but drop you in the lobby. makes it more confusing. If you compare SL camera control with High ficelity. Then SL win because the controls work in every thing the same build. move cam.
In high fidelity it’s mixed.


The last download has brought the w movement back. It doesn’t move in the deep more. So I’m already a bit glad :smile:
But that I can’t change the zoom, if I’m not in edit mode, this dos fully not work for me. To adjust a pose, bring a avatar in the right position, this dos need changing the zoom permanently. But also if I speak with somebody and want to change the zoom, so I go away from him.


For alt-camming your camera, there’s a modded version of inspect.js at http://ctrlaltstudio.com/downloads/hifi/scripts/inspect.js that changes the pan directions (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+LeftMouseDown) and speed to be more consistent with Second Life.


Thanks, here alt +left mouse button dos, what I need. But it dos spring back in the old view, when I release the alt key.


Finally I have understood, that at my Mac ctrl == cmd and not ctrl. So I now also can activate the panning and orbit mode with alt + cmd and alt +cmd +shift.


I also have changed inspect.js a bit, so that it is more Blender like.

radial mode = hold ALT +left mouse button
orbit mode = hold CONTROL +left mouse button
pan mode = hold SHIFT +left mouse button
SPACE = switching between avatar and object inspection
default is avatar inspection

So I finally could focus at my hand while adjusting the pose. Only you must switch of the default inject.js.


Yesterday I have build a bit and now I also understand, why my way with inspect.js fully dosn’t work. It dos collide with edit. But well I need this movements, if I’m not in edit mode. And I don’t want to work with such complicated key combinations how Alt +Ctrl +Shift. So maybe there really should be one script, which dos handle all the movements and they shouldn’t be included in edit and other scripts in different ways.


Here comes an update.
I have layed the movements at the keys:
radial mode = b +left mouse button
orbit mode = n +left mouse button
pan mode = v +left mouse button
SPACE = switching between avatar and object inspection
default is avatar inspection
j = reset camera

So they don’t collide with the edit mode.


@summer4me… this is great. I could not get the ‘j’ function to work. You should put this up in the marketplace.


Thanks Chris, well I have hoped, that some people would test it, before I bring it to the marketplace. And I also will test some days more. I have tested it now in edit mode and for me it has worked well. But no clue, there could be bugs in it until now. The j function only sets the new avatar position, if you have moved. And dos set the panning movement to 0. Sometime after moving, the camera was confused. Maybe I could add one key more, that really can be set the camera to the old values before the starting of the script.
And also I don’t know, if it is ok, if I send it to the marketplace. It isn’t fully my script. Two other have programmed at it. It is all written in the header. Is this allowed then?